The Fund reacts to market opportunity and handles risk and obstacles which an individual investor could only face with great difficulty on their own rom the distance it looks very simple. I buy farmland, rent it and that’s it. However no two plots are the same, nor are the two farmers… Slowly but surely factors like the following surface: quality of soil, erosion, fertility maintenance, legal risks, cadastral records, taxes, plot adjustments, subsidies etc. Eventually when one becomes familiar with these aspects, the law changes.

More so the market knowledge cannot be taught. Our investments are therefore based on the experience of a wide team of experts – agronomists, lawyers, geodesists, traders, soil experts, economists, tax specialists and many others. We are fully aware that not many investors have time to absorb all this detail. Nevertheless farmland shall be part of a well balanced investment portfolio. The ability of the Fund, now an important market player, to compete with large agricultural companies and to consolidate ownership of small farmland plots is equally important.